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Kinky Friedman Cigars
415 21st Street
Galveston, Texas 77550

All inquires regarding Kinky Friedman Cigars or to schedule a cigar related appearance, cigar smoker/store visit with Kinky and Little Jewford, please fill out the e-mail form below. 

To contact Kinky Friedman about animal rescue matters or any topic that is not cigar related please send a letter to the address below.  Postal mail is the only way to reach Kinky directly (sorry no E-mail).  He will receive everything that is mailed to the address below, but responses are rarely possible due to the limited office staff.  

Kinky Friedman
1101 Crown Ridge Path
Austin, TX 78753

Kinky, kinkyfriedman.com and Kinky Friedman Cigars are unable to accept or return unsolicited materials, including unpublished manuscripts, CD's or songs. Unsolicited materials will be disposed of without review.

To book Kinky for a speaking engagement, music, or personal appearance (non-cigar related) contact:  Cleve Hattersley - 512-873-8925 - cleveandmary@austin.rr.com or go to http://kinkyfriedman.com/contact

PLEASE NOTE:  The e-mail contact form does not go to Kinky. It is for Kinky Friedman Cigars business only - all correspondence for Kinky must be mailed to the address above.



Do you have any questions or comments concerning Kinky Friedman Cigars?
Or, would you like to schedule a smoker or store visit with Kinky Friedman and Little Jewford?
If so, please fill out contact form below. Thank you!

PLEASE NOTE: This form does not go to Kinky Friedman himself - only to the cigar company office. Kinky does not see any e-mail. All correspondence meant for Kinky personally should be mailed to the physical address above.


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